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As we enter the third decade of the second millennium, you would think that cyber security technologies have come a long way from the very first simple antimalware and encryption protocols — the equivalent of stone tools in our modern age. However, our computerized world is still very young, and there is so much to learn as we encounter increasingly difficult crises every year.


The talent gap problem in cyber security

An interesting 10-year study on organizations’ cyber security capabilities conducted by the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) and the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) reveals that we have a talent gap problem that appears to worsen, at least for a few years back.

While it is true that cyber security systems and technologies have advanced at such an amazing rate, our human resources still lag behind. It is unfortunately still a common phenomenon to see global organizations equipping themselves with the latest tools, but providing not nearly enough training for their employees on how to use them effectively.

The study interviewed 327 cyber security professionals, the majority of which are from North America and Europe. A common theme occurs even within organizations in highly developed nations concerning the IT department: increasing workloads, increasing demand for experience, but decreasing priority for employee development.


Mismanagement of human resource puts cyber security at risk

There is also a common narrative among IT professionals. Many companies have the resources to obtain the latest and best technologies, but demand job seekers to readily and effectively use such technologies. Companies that could only recruit less experienced professionals put a lot of pressure on them if they assume that a small team of IT professionals are enough to manage work that a large team of professionals should handle.

IT professionals then would lack free time to develop themselves and learn to use the technologies to their fullest potential.


Cyber security is for everyone within the organization

For the time being, this gap in cyber security talent gives attackers some advantage to exploit. Fortunately, there is a way to mitigate the risk and enjoy the benefits that will compound over time. Companies can train both IT professionals and regular employees to become more aware of actions at work that pose cyber security risks.

For example, a cyber security workshop by Xynexis IGNITE offers the latest certification for your team of IT experts. Moreover, your other employees can also gain additional benefits from a day of workshop with Xynexis. They will learn how to avoid phishing attacks by email, managing device security outside of work, and become more aware of the tools and strategies that protect their computers from malware.

Investing in the latest cyber security technologies should be coupled with providing enough training to both young and experienced IT professionals. This will future-proof your company and your IT department will be more satisfied with their work.

Training with Xynexis IGNITE offers great benefits that last. It helps you to avoid destructive security breaches that potentially cost your brand and the company itself. Learn more about Xynexis IGNITE and all our other services.